iPad Webdesign

Is your site created using Flash? If so, it is not compatible with iPads and iPhones.

Flash is a great technology for online presentations and custom websites, the problem is, Apple is not going to support it on any of there iPhone and iPad platforms.  The new iPad is growing in popularity. Apple says its new iPad has exceeded 1 million units sold so far. With those statistics being said, it is very important to have your web presence viewable on multiple platforms.

At Netrave Design, we specialize in bringing your website and content to the mobile environment. Not only can we re-design your current website to be mobile friendly, we could also add a website to your existing site that only shows up on mobile devices. For example, if your really set on keeping your flash website for your PC and Mac viewers, you can. We can custom build a second website that only shows up when a mobile phone or a iPad is accessing your site. So this gives you the option to keep your flash website in conjunction with being current with mobile technologies.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for a free site evaluation.